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Meet Your Spirit Guides

Al Rahn

English Milk Punch, Classic Daiquiri, Shark (PDT, New York)

Mahalo for visiting us on your spirited quest for cocktail glory!

My love affair with cocktails began with a rye Manhattan at Cole’s in downtown L.A. in 2008.  Since that first fateful sip, learning about, making, and, mostly, drinking cocktails has been part of my daily routine.  I’ve only been behind a professional bar once, when I mistook it for the restroom (and no, I wasn’t asked back); but nearly a decade of riding barstools and building my own bar has taught me some very important lessons about making drinks.  Most importantly: everyone wants a great cocktail, and most people don’t know how to ask for what they want.

With Spirit Guides, it’s all about answering that question for YOU.  Our goal is to lead you on your own path of cocktail discovery, so you can learn what you like, and then share it with the world.  We put love and care into every step of the process, from consultation to presentation, to ensure your cocktails are not only personal but perfect.  We take care of everything so you can be in the moment on your big day, whatever that big day may be.

Let the journey begin… Cheers!

Your Guide,

Al Rahn

My infatuation with the cocktail world started young. While other kids were sneaking sips of their parents’ cheap vodka, I was using it to make Lemondrop Martinis. I was figuratively (and literally) intoxicated with the idea of transforming a basic spirit into a tantalizing concoction. I did my first rose petal infusion using a Mickey Mouse steam distillation rig when I was 17, and by the time I was 25 I’d served, bartended, and apprenticed with some of L.A.’s finest sommeliers and bartenders. Spirit Guides is an opportunity to share my knowledge and passion of all things beverage, while continuing to learn and explore the expanding world of flavor. I’m honored and excited to assist you in your own cocktail adventures.

Your Guide,

Jeremy Needleman

Jeremy Needleman

Caipirinha, Booker's Bourbon, Kingston Negroni (Hinoki & The Bird, Los Angeles)